Reporter Katie B. took the Baffin Coco Ultralite Winter Boot out for a spin. Whether walking in the urban jungle, or out for a deep powder snowshoe, this boot delivered in style, warmth, and dryness. Check out Katie’s report for more!

Watch the video below:

If there’s one predictable thing about the winter in Canada, it’s that there will be snow. It might not be a white Christmas. In fact I can count on my one hand the number of times in the last decade that we have had a white Christmas. But by February when the snow is flying and you start to wonder if it will ever let up, you better have a reliable pair of Baffin Boots on hand.

n fact here’s my little public service message to you. Go ahead and buy two pairs of boots this year for each of your kids. Go on. Trust me. I guarantee one of your kids will leave their gorgeous winter boots at school over Christmas or March break and TRUST ME, NOBODY is selling boots in March. So, go on over to Baffin Boots web site and start browsing their footwear then locate a store featuring these great boots and pop over. You won’t be disappointed.

This past week we got snow. It was a decent amount too as you can see here. That meant we had perfect conditions to test drive the Baffin Boots we received a few days earlier. Ainsley, 11, received the Cadee style which I picked out because I liked the look of them. Baffin creates exceptional footwear that is polar proven and stands up in minus 40 degrees Celsius weather. Baffin Boots are engineered in Canada and tested worldwide. The kid’s boots also are made with an Arctic rubber base and stand up to all the activities your kids can put them through.

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