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Men’s Hex-Flex Series – Thor

Premium performance all weather leather work boot Waterproof, breathable membrane Patented HexFlex® outsole design allows for maximum comfort and flexibility throughout the natural movement of the foot.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.28.18 AM– Patented HexFlex® outsole design.
– Oil and acid resistant rubber outsole, with ESR and EH protection.
– Light weight polyurethane midsole.
– CSA/ASTM approved
– Waterproof leather upper, with a breathable membrane.
– Breathable Hydro-Wick lining material to maintain a cool and dry environment.
– 8” height design.

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Expedition to the North Pole – Eric Lillstrom (Northwest Passage)

All of our guides (and several clients who purchased 3-Pin boots) used them on expeditions of varying length to the North Pole as well as training expeditions in Ely, MN and Svalbard, Norway.

On my expedition, we had a team of 9 skiing the Last Degree of Latitude (60 nautical miles) to the Pole. This is the second expedition of this kind that I wore the Baffin 3-pins.

These boots offer all of the necessary warmth (and then some) to travel in the Arctic with much less weight than a standard pac boot. Temperatures this year only dipped to about -25° C this year but were colder last season. I only needed to use a midweight wool sock and my feet were toasty.

The ease of the three pin style binding can hardly be compared to other systems compatible with pac boots. I would recommend these for anyone travelling on skis in the Arctic. – Eric Lillstrom

Baffin Polar Proven

Baffin Hurricane Snowmobile Boot – Review

I took the Baffin Hurricane Snowmobile Boots out for a test run in spring conditions up on Teton Pass. In short, this boots were a noticeable improvement over the other big names brands I have used in the past. Out of the box, these boots scream “Boss!”…The liner system and ruggedness of the boot itself make it hard to imagine ever having cold feet again, even in the -20 days up here in the Tetons. These boots feel comfortable when you put them on and maintain that comfort throughout the day, whether you’re aggressively riding or just out for a spring snow cruise. Toe box is built tough but so is the entire boot! These are my new boots for the 2016-riding season!


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Men’s All Weather Series – Coyote

The All Weather Series – classic styling in a year round product that performs in most weather conditions. From dry and sunny, to wet and slushy, these boots are protected by an all Premium Rubber base and waterproof, durable PU coated leathers.

– Rated All Weather
– Front lace fastening
– Low slip on for easy entry

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