Presenting the new Ease line of feather-light Winter Boots by Baffin. Like their name these boots slip on and off with ease. Temperature rated from 10C/50F to -30C/-22F, when the weather takes a sudden turn, they’re perfect to have close by – at your front door, in your back hall or even under your desk at work. Easy to pack, easy to wear and easy to use – breeze through this Winter with Ease.

EASE-TALL-WOO2-BK1               EASE-TALL-WOO2-GY6               EASE-TALL-WOO2-RD1

  • Temperature rating: from 10C/50F to -30C/-22F
  • waterproof, Breathable Nylon Shell with Drawstring Snow Collar
  • Eco Down High-loft insulation
  • Comfortable Thermaplush Foot Lining and Removable Insole
  • Drawstring & Toggle for Tightening at Ankle
  • Hex-Designed AirGrip and Polar Rubber Outsole

For more information about Women’s Ease Series:

We are very pleased to announce that Baffin’s HexFlex® work boot is finally here! Based on the idea that most people spend more time in their work boots than any other pair of shoe, our theory is that you work boots should be the most comfortable footwear you own!

Chief Testing Officer, Designer and Baffin Owner Paul Hubner took this challenge to heart and wanted to develop a line of work boots that moved with the foot, providing all the comfort and performance of a technical athletic shoe without sacrificing durability and personal protection.

The resulting inspiration brought upon the Baffin HexFlex® outsole design. This patented design features a series of hexagonal lugs throughout the outsole, providing flex relief at 6 points across every lug. This provides incredible flexibility right out of the box.


This outsole technology allows the foot to move the way it is supposed to; thus improving comfort and reducing fatigue. The deep grooves between each lug also open up during the workers natural walking motion, which allows for the discharge of any debris picked up from the job site. The increased flexibility also keeps more of the outsole in contact with the ground, resulting in improved traction. Each Hexagon is finished with more than 40 small cleats, amping up the slip-resistance to an impressive 0.85 C of in laboratory tests.

Paul put the same depth of thought and quest for perfection in every component of the HexFlex® series. The midsole feature’s the perfect balance between weight and durability, using the latest generation of premium Polyurethane technology. Premium leathers uppers are all waterproof (we’ve written it right on the boot) and are sealed with a breathable membrane. All hardware used in this series is corrosive and smash resistant to withstand the abuse common on most job sites.

The lining material utilizes our Hydro-Wick material that allows for circulation of air and management of moisture to maintain a comfortable environment in most conditions. Comfort is maximized by a premium insole comprised of high energy return materials throughout the foundation and energy absorption impact zones at the heel spur and metatarsal.

The HexFlex® Series is CSA® and ASTM® approved for toe, sole and electric shock protection with speciality styles also providing a certified metatarsal guard.

Chaos BLK


Our first day on the ice and all the equipment is checking out fine! The boots and the Flexi binding combo is as always a success. We left from Iqaluit after a morning of double-checking food, equipment and logistics for our dogsled trip across Auyuittuq National Park.

The first stage of skiing was a shot from Mother Arctic to warn us that we weren’t in Kansas anymore. Howling winds straight at us and blowing snow at “who knows what” with the wind chill, gave us a thrown in at the deep end feeling. The skiing was flat across Frobisher Bay which was a blessing as the sleds were weighted down with an additional 100 lbs of dog food for training purposes. Yes, I need the work!

We skied until an hour before dusk and set camp close to a small island on some good hard ice. Fortunately the weather had cleared and we settled into a fairly warm -10, no wind tonight. Matty had the camp routine well practiced and we were quickly in tents, warm and well fed. It amazes me how comfortable you can feel in a small cramped tent after a hard cold ski. Most people may find the tent a very harsh way to spend the night but its all a matter of appreciation and perspective.

Cheers, Hub

Spring is finally here and it’s time to hit the trails! If you haven’t yet heard of, or experienced our Trail to Rapids shoes you are in for a treat this season!

Recently, we partnered up with Mary Jo from Traveling with MJ and got her to test out a pair of Trail to Rapids in a number of unique conditions!

Check out her full review of the Trail to Rapid Cabo shoe:

In the mean time, here is a breakdown of how our draining technology really works!


UPPER: Ventilated Mesh provides ultimate breathability

LAYER 1: Removable Water Channeling System drains water

LAYER 2: Nylon Layer allows water and air to travel through

LAYER 3: Metallic Grid stops stones and grit from entering

LAYER 4: Ultra Light Midsole provides cushioning and acts as the primary defense

OUTSOLE: RUGGED SOLE Designed specifically to give you added traction

Happy Spring!