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Baffin, for athletes of all genres!

Many people are not aware of the great diversity that is within the Baffin brand. Baffin has built its name and reputation off of the amazing design and warmth of the polar proven boots and apparel however Baffin is so much more than just a winter clothing line. Baffin prides itself on integrating new techniques and designs, using new sciences and methods to create the absolute best products. As a part of this exploration Baffin is always looking for new tasks and possibilities to yet again astonish its consumers.

In this particular article we will be analyzing a product Baffin created specifically for their outdoor water athletes. We will be taking a look at one of the products from Baffin’s “trail to rapids” line. The Baffin BVI is a shoe specifically created for outdoor adventurers. This particular shoe is made up of 6 different layers the first of which is the upper layer. This layer is made up of a ventilated mesh that provides ultimate breathability. Layer 1, is a removable water channeling system that allows the drainage of water. Layer 2 is a nylon layer that allows water and air to travel through with ease. Layer 3 is a metallic grid that was created to stop stones and grit from entering into the shoe. Layer 4 is an ultra light midsole that provides cushioning and acts as a primary defense. The sixth and final layer is the rugged sole, which was designed specifically to give the athlete added traction.

This is just on example of the lengths that Baffin goes to, to create the absolute best products for their customers. Here is a testimony from a happy Baffin customer who purchased the Baffin BVI shoe. ( )We encourage you to read the review as well as browse our website to find the perfect product for your sport. If you are already a Baffin customer we would love to hear from you in regards to the Baffin products you have used and are currently using. You can email your review to

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