Check out this awesome video of Baffin’s own Mark Hubner​ exploring the outdoors on an expedition around Lake Ontario while raising money for Amici Camping Charity​. Mark is joined by his brother Brent Hubner​, and the two members of A for Adventure, Jan and Chris,​ on this exciting journey. All participants dressed head to toe in Baffin apparel to keep them warm throughout their entire adventure.
Starting Point: Baffin, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada.
Current Location: Wolcott, NY, United States.
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This video was created by: Brandon Di Luca Films​

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you all had a great holiday and that Santa brought you some new Baffin gear to prepare you for this cold Winter season we dive deeper into!

With temperatures deep in the negatives this month, here is a boot review that comes to us from Tales of Mommyhood! Out in Ottawa, ON this month, temperatures sat around -18°C, which provided the perfect testing grounds for Baffin’s Chloe boots.

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Enjoy and stay warm!

Spotted! Jon Montgomery, Canadian Gold Medal Olympian and most recent host of The Amazing Race Canada was shown wearing Baffin Titan winter boots.
This ultimate adventure show requires contestants to make their way across the country and all of the wonderfully diverse climates and unexpected extreme weather conditions Canada has to offer, racing and competing in a number of diverse challenges.

During the most recent leg of the race the contestants take on the Arctic and host Jon Montgomery is sporting our Baffin -100°C Titan boots! These remarkably lightweight and completely waterproof boots prove to be the perfect match for such a unique and extreme competition!




When did you start at Baffin?

I started in the footwear business at the age of 15. When I finished my schooling to become a millwright and moved to Canada, I began working with Mr. Hubner in 1973 and have been with Baffin ever since its creation in 1997.  

 What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Simply put, if the machines and moulds aren’t working, business can’t run and we loose money – I make sure they run.

What advice do you give new employees? 

I always teach people to be happy, smile and be friendly and everyone will like you better. And if something has to be done – you get it done.

There are always going to be big problems that happen in this business that there aren’t always blueprints to solve. The main thing is to keep your cool because at the end of the day you are going to have to deal with it, there is no use getting worked up.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I like being able to see and know exactly what is going on with the machines on a daily basis and love being around the people who work here.

At Baffin, I feel like family. I am with these people the same amount as I am with my family and that creates something special.

Fondest memory?

I think that some of my fondest memories of Baffin are my adventures travelling with Mr. Hubner. On one of our trips over in Europe, I was the only one who knew how to drive stick on the other side of the road! And I only knew because of teaching my son how to drive and switching gears from the passenger seat.

What does Baffin do best?

Quality and design. There is so much thought and real world testing that goes into the design, it sets us apart from all the others!

What is one thing you strive to do both on the job and in life?

You always learn and grow with a company. This place is my second home and I am always looking to teach people. Everyday I am learning and when working on a team it is important to pass it on and teach other people.

I learned from somebody, somebody learns from me. Teamwork is how you maintain a thriving business and personal life.

Favourite thing to do outside of work…

My favourite thing outside of work, is spending time with my family. I used to coach soccer for 10 years when my children were young and it is really fun going to my grandson’s soccer games now and seeing my children’s friends that I used to coach coming to the field with their children and coaching.