There’s a lot that goes into making Baffin gear! From research and development, through manufacturing, to the  ready-to-wear products, there are hundreds of incredible Baffin employees that make us what we are!

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Jeff Saravia – Production Manager

“We don’t just make boots, we make boots better”

When did you start with Baffin? 

Jeff I started in 2000 when I got a job at Baffin as a second job to support my family at the time. Eventually a position opened up and I was brought on afternoons in the warehouse as a packer. All of the guys would pick products and I would make sure everything was picked right and pack it to be shipped.

 Day to day, what do you deal with? 

Jeff – Molding, Lining, Finishing, Warehousing Departments

What is the most important part of your job?

Jeff – Making sure there are enough materials for production. Which means working with purchasing, planning, warehousing, the executives. I have contact with all departments to ensure production is on schedule and running smoothly.

What do you accredit to your growth at Baffin?

Jeff – Hard work and dedication

When I started out we needed to make boot boxes. You could easily make your 1,000 in a day quota but you know what?.. I just kept going, making more, not wasting time. When I finished my work for the day I would notice if people were behind schedule and see if they needed help – even if they were in a different department like shipping I’d say “teach me know to do it, teach me how to help you out.”

I always try to keep ahead of the game and be prepared. I am always curious as to what other people are doing and I want to learn how to do it!

What would you want people to know about Baffin that they might not know already?

Jeff – It’s almost like a homemade meal. The warmth and comfort of the company and the people at the company is what makes it the best. To me, I have the best sewers, manufacturers, and minds out there! These people give themselves whole-heartedly to that boot. So that’s what makes me think of Baffin as my mom’s cooking versus a fast food meal!

Where do you see Baffin in 10 years?

Jeff – Massive growth! In ten years I see Baffin as an international leader in performance footwear and apparel. There are a lot of different options now – Baffin is not just for polar proven boots anymore and this is where our growth is going to happen!

Funniest Memory…

Jeff – When I went to the Outdoor Classic Toronto Marlies vs. Hamilton Bulldog’s hockey game, I told Baffin to deck me out fully in clothing and boots so that I wouldn’t get cold. When I was at the game everyone kept asking me where I got my ‘designer’ clothing. I was like “this stuff?” It was really cool seeing how people see Baffin products and how many people were asking where to get it and what the certain pieces were! Here I am with a soft shell, base layer, fleece layer, holding a cold beer with a Baffin glove while everyone else is freezing!

Favourite Baffin gear…

Jeff – Soft Shell Hoodie

Words of Wisdom…

Jeff – Success breeds success. Seek out managers and successful people and see and ask what they’re doing – that is what you should be doing.

Be proud of yourself to 100% and do the best you can do everyday. Everywhere you go you are representing yourself.

And so it begins. After many months of designing, planning, prepping, and scheduling, the Summer Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow has officially begun!

Our first day here in Salt Lake City was such a great day, with excitement and enthusiasm bursting from all corners of the Salt Palace Convention Center!

Our morning started off with a trip through the beautiful mountains up to Park City to film a segment at Park City TV. Jeff won over everyone with his charm as usual and got them all very excited about our Packables and Trail to Rapids series. We had a great time visiting!

Back at OR there was a definite flurry of buzz and busyness. We met with so many interesting and adventurous people all throughout the day carrying over throughout Baffin’s happy hour where the attendees sipped our signature Arctic Ale and joined in with some great talks about the industry.

Out of all the experiences the first day of OR brought, I think the most exhilarating aspect was the fact that you could see the entire show and booth set ups, the heart and passion of the entire outdoor industry really shining through. The feeling was contagious and we were certainly glad to be a part of it!

Cannot wait for this great week ahead! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to checkout more OR updates and photos from the week!