As you can see from our previous Gear Reviews, Packables have been getting a lot of attention this past Summer/Fall season!

But, as colder and sometimes wetter weather rolls in this Fall/Winter season, it’s time to think about a warmer rain boot.

This article featured in Land Rover Magazine highlights Baffin’s Trapper boot! Not only is this boot perfect for wet weather conditions, it is also temperature rated to -60°C/ -76F° so that your feet stay warm regardless of the elements.

Check it out:


Craig tested out these combination hiking and water shoes from Baffin’s ‘Trails-to-Rapids’ series. He put them through the paces on the trails and at the cottage. Watch below for his review!
CaymanBK1CaymanCAD            CaymanRD4                    CaymanBK1 copy
Link to video review:

More information about Trail-to-Rapids Series:

Summer is finally here and it’s time to hit the trails! If you haven’t yet heard of, or experienced our Trail to Rapids shoes you are in for a treat this season!

Recently, we partnered up with Mary Jo from Traveling with MJ and got her to test out a pair of Trail to Rapids in a number of unique conditions!

Check out her full review of the Trail to Rapid Cabo shoe:

In the mean time, here is a breakdown of how our draining technology really works!


UPPER: Ventilated Mesh provides ultimate breathability

LAYER 1: Removable Water Channeling System drains water

LAYER 2: Nylon Layer allows water and air to travel through

LAYER 3: Metallic Grid stops stones and grit from entering

LAYER 4: Ultra Light Midsole provides cushioning and acts as the primary defense

OUTSOLE: RUGGED SOLE Designed specifically to give you added traction

Happy Summer!