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Preparation is Key!

With Baffin and Mother Nature on your side, spending time with your family outdoors can be stress free. Baffin has head to toe, polar proven, footwear and apparel for the entire family.  From building a snow man to skiing down the highest of hills, Baffin has you covered.

Baffin has four layers of apparel to meet every outdoor activities needs. The first layer is the base layer, this layer comes in direct contact with your skin and is designed for moisture management. The second layer is the mid layer and is designed to retain body heat and ultimately keep you warm. The third layer is referred to as the “soft shell” and is great for use in extreme-cold environments where activity level is high. The final layer is the outer layer, this series of insulated jackets and pants are designed to keep you warm on sub-zero expedition days or for any extended period of time in a freezing atmosphere.

Outdoor activities are less expensive, less stressful and more exciting. Baffin understands each family has different needs and have designed specific products to suit each individual. If you would like to spend the day with your family worry free while enjoying the beautiful gift Mother Nature has given us, don’t hesitate to head over to Baffin’s catalog to view the products that will keep the entire family warm on the cold winter days.

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