Check out this awesome video of Baffin’s own Mark Hubner​ exploring the outdoors on an expedition around Lake Ontario while raising money for Amici Camping Charity​. Mark is joined by his brother Brent Hubner​, and the two members of A for Adventure, Jan and Chris,​ on this exciting journey. All participants dressed head to toe in Baffin apparel to keep them warm throughout their entire adventure.
Starting Point: Baffin, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada.
Current Location: Wolcott, NY, United States.
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This video was created by: Brandon Di Luca Films​

Baffin’s Men’s Chaos boot is the ultimate in work protection and luxury. Known for their waterproof, breathable membrane and Patented HexFlex® outsole design, this boot comes packed with flexibility and comfort. The boot allows for maximum comfort and flexibility throughout the natural movement of the foot. The removable stabilizer inserts provide structural integrity to the arch, minimizing reverse flex, and ladder fatigue. The exclusive tread pattern and flexibility allow for increased contact with the floor/surface resulting in superior slip resistance. The CSA/ASTM approved, light weight aluminum toe and non-metallic safety plate provide ultimate protection.

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Stepping out in the cold or muddy, wet, slushy weather just got a whole more stylish. The Marsh Series are revamped to represent a tri-season approach to footwear for muddy, wet or slushy weather. With an all Premium Rubber base, this can take you from early fall through late spring and even those rainy summer downpours. These boots combine a 7mm of warm neoprene insulation and revamped fit to provide the best comfort possible. This boot is best suited for our  Canadian climate.

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Baffin is known for its winter-weather footwear, having catered to Canadians who demand insulated boots for extreme cold conditions. The Baffin Zone Men boots are a surprising entry to the field, as they’re truly a hiking-height boot yet offer the same insulation quality as a heavy-duty rubber knee-height boot. As a result, they could very well be the perfect winter companion for most Northwest wintertime outings.

From a distance, the Zone Men boots don’t look any different from a standard hiking boot you’d see in REI. They lace up like spring- and summertime hiking boots, their grip has a traditional waffle pattern, and their apex is just above the ankle. Yet underneath their innocent exterior lies an insulation rating that keeps feet warm from 50 degrees at the high point to -4 degrees at the low. In other words, the Zone Men have you covered for outings from late Fall through early Spring.